About JJ Finley Elementary School

  • J.J. Finley Elementary School
    Kathy Valdes, Principal
    Email: valdeskbFinley Flyer

    Home of the Flyers
    1912 NW 5th Ave.
    Gainesville, FL 32603
    Phone (352) 955-6705 
    FAX 844-585-9513

    Note: Email addresses are followed by @gm.sbac.edu

    School Facts

    EDEP- Yes
    Grades- K-5
    School Colors- Yellow and Blue
    School Mascot- Flyer Plane

    School Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7:45-1:52

    Wednesday is Early Dismissal 7:45-12:37

    Bell Schedule

    Supervision Begins: 7:15 am
    First Bell Rings: 7:30 am
    Tardy Bell Rings 7:45 am
    School Ends: 1:52 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (12:37 pm Wednesday)


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