Grading Scale

  • Kindergarten







    Kindergarten children are expected to demonstrate the following:

    Personal and Social Habits

    • • Works and plays with others willingly and cooperatively
      • Shows respect toward children and adults
      • Tries to solve own problems appropriately
      • Follows school and class rules
      • Assumes responsibility for school and personal property
      • Stays on task
      • Is able to share and take turns
      • Uses materials appropriately and returns when finished
      • Listens without interrupting or distracting others


    • When using manipulatives student is able to:
      • Copy and complete a pattern
      • Create a pattern with up to 3 elements
      • Put objects in groups by color, size, or shape
      • Sort a group of objects in more than one way
      • Determine which object is longer, shorter, larger, and smaller
      • Order a set of objects long to short, short to long
      • Tell which objects come 1st to 5th
      • Create sets showing more, less, and equal
      • Instantly recognize sets of objects to 5
      • Count objects with 1 to 1 correspondence
      • Order numbers 0 to 10
      • Find possible solutions to simple story problems
      • Interpret simple graphs
      • Identify 10 basic colors
      • Identify 4 basic shapes
      • Name numerals to 10
      • Write numerals to 10
      • Recognize penny, nickel, dime, and quarter

    Reading & Language Arts

    • Speaks in complete sentences
    • Listens attentively to stories read aloud
    • Follows verbal instructions
    • Follows print left-right, top-bottom
    • Points to words as teacher reads them in a written text
    • Memorizes a simple rhyme, poem, or song
    • Identifies words seen over and over in familiar stories, rhymes, songs, or poems
    • Chooses reading or writing activities on his/her own
    • Uses letters to represent words or messages writing independently
    • Uses beginning sounds to represent words or messages
    • Reads or tells about own writing
    • Names upper case letters
    • Names lower case letters
    • Knows most beginning sounds
    • Writes first name using capital and lower case letters