Welcome to the Duval Library Media Center!

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    Invite the community to independently explore their unique strengths and interests in a safe, nurturing, 21st century environment.


    Provide current resources to empower the community to become self-reliant, responsible, secure, and life-long users of information.


    ♦ The Duval Early Learning Academy Media Center is the hub of the school and it inviting to all who visit.

    ♦ The Media Center is a place for all kinds of readers and learners.


    Our patrons come first!

    A Duval Media Center patron is a student, teacher, staff, family member, and interested member of the Duval and Alachua County Schools communities.

    Every patron who enters the Media Center is welcomed and treated with kindness and respect.

    Patrons are empowered to easily access books, technology, and space.

    Patrons are asked about their needs and interests in order to fill the library with vibrant, popular, and timely resources.

    Patrons are informed of new resources and invitied to library programs using a variety of communication methods.

    The resources in the Library Media Center are highly recommended, relevant, and captivating for patrons to seek their independent reading, independent learning, and instructional pursuits.



    We strive to obtain a high quality, high interest, award-winning book collection that will provide inspirational literary experiences throughout the year. These experiences will foster the on-going development of a reading culture at Duval Early Learning Academy. Our pupils will be exposed to effective digital resources and current, relevant technology designed to advance the learning goals of 21st century learners. We will provide a modern, comfortable, child -friendly library space.



  •  The Library is open to pupils, teachers, staff, and other aliens:

    Monday - Friday, 8:00am-2:30pm

    Ms Deborah Salmi, Media Specialist 

    Ms Donna Barr, Media Aide


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    Checking Out Books

    ♦ Kindergarten parents must sign a permission slip and return it to the Media Center so their Kindergarten pupil can check out a book.

    ♦ Kindergarten pupils are allowed to check out one book at a time, and they must leave them in their classrooms.

    ♦ Books are due after one week. Overdue books need to be returned so pupils can check out another one.


    Houston, We Have a Problem

    ♦ Uh-oh! Did you lose a book? Lost or damaged books must be paid for before a pupil can check out more books!