• Providing just an hour or more of your time to some of Alachua County's promising students and teachers is, perhaps, one of the best things you can do!Volunteers Needed

    Who are our volunteers?
    Many of our volunteers are caring parents, grandparents, retired adults, students, businesspeople and community members.

    What are my requirements as a volunteer?
    Our main requirements are that you truly care about children and their learning, you are trustworthy, and you are willing to give your time and talent to the school.

    What will I be doing?
    Volunteers primarily donate their time in the classrooms assist teachers and students. However, volunteers may serve different purposes depending on the school's needs.

    How much time will the school require of me?
    Depending on what kind of volunteer you are, (for example, college students volunteering for class requirements) the amount of time you dedicate is up to you.

    How do I get involved? 
    Please contact Duval Early Learning Academy at (352)955-6703 for more information.