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    Tips for Science Project Research

    1.  Choose sources with AUTHORITY (sources written by experts in their field).  

    Most sources in the library are written by experts.   

    2.  Use Horizon to search for library materials.

    3.  Always start with the encyclopedia.  It gives you a broad, general view of your topic.  You can search for more detail in nonfiction books or web sites later.

    4.  Always CITE (give credit to) your sources.  For help citing sources go to the bottom of this page.

    5.  Copy ideas in your notes, NOT the complete sentences from the information source.  

    Later you can make your own sentences from the ideas you gathered.

    See Mrs. Raysin for help finding information on your topic.

    Happy Researching!

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    Best Sources for research from the experts

    World Book Student 


    Talbot Media Center Horizon Public Access Catalog


    Alachua County Regional Library


    Online databases and encyclopedias - you'll need your ACLIB library card number

          Especially for grades 1-3

    World Book Kids


    Kids InfoBits database


    InfoTrac Kids Edition


    Citing Sources

    Give credit to your sources of information whenever you take notes. Cite your sources using the Citation Machine, or use the format shown on the Talbot Media Citing Sources page in the Main Menu.