Registration and Enrollment

  • Welcome to Sidney Lanier! We are so excited to have you join our school! Please be sure to fill out all registration information, including a transportation form if a bus is needed, medical history forms, and an emergency contact form.

    If you come into the school, Shanyka Golston has full registration packets that can be filled out on campus, or taken home to be completed.

    When you bring in the registration packet, or come in to fill one out, you must have two documents showing proof of residence. This may be a rental or lease agreement, utility bill, deed, sales agreement or property tax bill.

    If you would like to get a headstart on the paperwork follow the links below: 

    Enrollment/Registration Forms there are links on the right hand side to the various forms that need to be filled out.

    Health Services Website there are links at the bottom and on the right hand side for forms and information.

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