• Welcome students and parents!


    Welcome students and parents! We are excited and ready for a great year in EDEP!
    At Norton we offer your children enrichment with “free choice.”  Kids are happiest if they are choosing the activities that interest them.
    As a convenience to our parents and kids, our staff calendars are always posted on the EDEP office door for your observation.  


    We are so excited to have six of our staff returning this year! Rodney Wallace, Tiffany Sammel, Brianna Cullinan, Taylor Bourg, Lizzie Longendelpher, and Jonny Dose will be returning to work with your students again this year!  Welcome them back! We also will have a new staff person hired! Please welcome Jeanette Hamersmith to our Norton EDEP family! Jeanette will be bringing many great ideas to us!



    In August we will focus our activities to help the children learn to develop friendships, cooperate with each other, appreciate and respect each other.  We will help students learn the EDEP rules and structure of our program.


    September – Clubs Begin!

    September will be an exciting month because we will be starting our clubs.  There will be a choice of clubs every day of the week as well as our regular quality enrichment activities.  We will have club previews the week of August 27-31.   Club sign ups will be the week of September 4-7 and we will  begin our club schedule on Monday, September 17.

    Students are encouraged but not required to join any clubs.  We will meet with all students to determine their club preferences.  Some clubs will have waiting lists due to popularity. However, there will be a variety of clubs to choose from.

    The Parent Handbook

    It is very important that parents read the handbook.  This handbook informs you of the EDEP policies and may answer most of your questions; however, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.



    Norton EDEP will not operate during school holidays or teacher work days.

    GATOR PEP RALLY – Friday, August 31st!

    Monday,September 3rd  – Holiday,Labor Day

    Wednesday, September 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day!