Elementary Grading Scale

  • The board recognizes the importance of a student achievement grading system that is meaningful to students, parents, and school personnel. The grading system gives students credit for actual work they have done. It does not compare their progress with other. Grades shall be assigned as follows:




    E= Excellent 


    S= Satisfactory

    N= Need Improvement

    U= Unsatisfactory 

Grades 3-5

  •  Percent Achievement                   Grade Points

    A= 90-100                                            4.0

    B+=87-89                                            3.0

    B=80-86                                              3.0

    C+=77-79                                            2.0 

    C=70-76                                               2.0

    D+=67-69                                            1.0 

    D=60-66                                              1.0

    F= 0-59                                                0.0