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    A.L. Mebane Middle School


    Mebane 2019 Mustang Yearbook

    Your 8th grade child is about to embark on last year of middle school.  Send him/her off at the end of the year with a beautiful yearbook and a spot in the tribute section.  If you act before October 10, you will get over 10% discount on all items. There are 2 ways you can do this:

    1.  Online with credit card:  www.yearbookordercenter.com (#41)
    2.  Delivered to the school with cash or check:  Drop off cash or check (payable to Mebane Middle School) along with instructions below to the front office or media center:

    Child Name:  ___________________________________________________________

    First Period:_____________________________________________________________

    Phone Number:  ________________________________________________________

    Check below what you are purchasing:

    ______Yearbook $40   NOW  $30   (%25 off)

    ______Name on yearbook w/book purchase $5 NOW  $4

    ______1/8 page (0-1 picture)     65 characters $30 NOW  $25  

    ______1/4 page (0-2 pictures)    $50 NOW  $40

    ______ 1/2 page (0-4 pictures)    $75 NOW  $65

    ______ Full pg. (0-8 pictures) free yearbook $120 $115   (comes with a free yearbook)


    These amazing prices are only good until midnight on 10/10/2018.