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Supply Lists

  • View or print your list right on your phone.  We did the best we could at estimating what would be needed for the year, but they do need to last.  If your child runs out before the end of the year, please continue to replenish as needed.  

    Now you can buy all your supplies from Amazon, Walmart or other retail Shopping cart with one click!  Click here, and follow instructions to the right to put them in an Amazon, Walmart or other retail Shopping Cart.  

    Remember, our students have computers in all of their academic classes this year, so much of their work will be stored in their Google Drive or O360 Drive.  

    • Student Responsibility: Students are responsible for their own supplies and materials. The lists provided are intended to last the year, but may need replenishment in the second semester.
    • Optional Items: The list has items that will help the classroom as a whole and are listed here as optional. Teachers are not supplied with these to make their classroom cleaner or safer, nor do they have a budget to purchase such supplies.  Any optional supplies are very helpful for your child's classroom environment.  
    • Warning about shopping cart: The program that we upload our lists is very helpful in attaching it to online shopping carts, but BEWARE... they will often put more in your cart than you actually need.  For instance, they may want to sell you 5 packs of 12 pens when you may only need 5 pens (not packs) of that color.