Career Planning

  • When students reflect on their own skills and interests, it can help them to prepare mentally for a future career. Through early career planning students should examine not just their interest and skills, but also their favorite pastimes and hobbies; student can find their chosen career path in the most unlikely of places. In identifying their interests early, students create a solid foundation for their future and work towards realistic career goals. One of those career goals should be gaining experience in their chosen field early on.

    Once students set their career goals, map out a plan, gain some experience, and explored their chosen field, they feel more confident to apply to different colleges and universities which can help them reach their goals. Career planning early can also give students a leg up when they are planning to apply to different colleges and universities. Part-time jobs, internships, and other experience show admissions offices that students are forward-thinking and motivated. This motivation sets students up for future successes in college and outside of college and even makes students stand out to admissions offices. By planning ahead, students are more likely to stay on their chosen path throughout college and graduate on time. In Florida, students can begin planning their educational and career goals ahead of time with an important tool, MyCareerShines.


    Excerpts taken from FLVC