Policies and Procedures

  • Arrival:

    Students may begin arriving at school at 7:15am. Once they enter the building, they have the choice of going to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or sit with their grade level or to the track to participate in Morning Mile. Students will be directed to their classrooms at 7:30am where they will be greeted by their teacher.


    Students will be escorted to their dismissal area by a teacher from his/her grade level. Students are supervised by the teacher and additional staff.

    Change in routine dismissal procedure

    Any change in your child’s routine dismissal procedure will require a handwritten note or fax with the signature of a parent. We ask that this is given to the front office prior to 12:00pm on the day of the change. Email and phone changes will require the approval of an administrator.

    Early dismissal of students:

    Classroom instruction ends promptly at 1:40pm at which time students are packing their materials and preparing for dismissal. Checking out students at 1:30pm interrupts instructional time and disrupts the learning for all students. Also, your child may miss important closing announcements or homework assignments. Therefore, with the focus on academics and the safety of our children, as well as maintain the learning environment we have established the following policy for early student check-outs. We ask that students are not checked out after the following times:

    1:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday

    12:15pm on Wednesday

    Exemptions to this policy are documented physician appointments, court requirements, or the approval of the principal or assistant.

    For the safety of the students, parent/guardian must come to the office in person and sign the check-out sheet.  Office personnel will inform the teacher that the student should be sent to the office for checkout. We will not release any student to anyone other than the parents, legal guardians and/ or persons listed on the child’s emergency or pick-up   cards.  To release a child to any other person, the parent must send written permission.

    **Also, when an adult comes to pick up a student, the adult will be asked to present a valid state issued ID before the student is called to the office**

    Dress Code:

    Prairie View Elementary Academy will comply with the district uniform policy.

    Visitors and Volunteers on Campus

    We welcome parents and family members to visit Prairie View Elementary Academy. However, the safety of the students is of our upmost concern and first priority. To ensure that we are aware of all visitors and volunteers on campus we ask that you please check-in at the front office. You will kindly be asked to present a valid state issued ID which we will scan so that your name will be added to our database.  All visitors and volunteers will then be given a badge or sticker that should be visible while you are on campus.  This system is in place for the safety of our students and staff.  Please remember to check-out before leaving.

    If you are interested in volunteering please contact your child’s teacher to discuss opportunities and availability. Also, volunteers must complete a district application that can be found using the following link: Volunteer Application

    Attendance & Tardy

    It is necessary that a student be in attendance throughout the school day in order to benefit fully from the educational programs at Prairie View.  We recognize that from time to time compelling circumstances require that a student be late or absent from school.  It is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian to explain a student’s absence from school. A note from the student's parent/guardian or licensed physician should be sent to school officials normally within two (2) school days of the student's return. The reasons for excused absences include:

    • Absence due to sickness, injury, death in the family
    • Documented appointments with healthcare professionals
    • Documented absence for religious instruction or a religious holiday
    • Absence due to participation in an academic class or school-sponsored activity approved by the principal or assistant.
    • Court appearances (documentation required)

    All other absences are considered unexcused.    

    When returning from an absence, each student must bring a note to the teacher from the parent/guardian or doctor explaining the absence.   A parent/guardian may document up to six (6) days of absences for illness per semester, after which such absences will be unexcused unless documented by a physician or healthcare provider.


    A student is considered tardy if he or she arrives at school after 7:45 at the beginning of the school day, or if he or she is not in their classroom before the tardy bell has rung. Parents are asked to sign their sign their child in at the front office. Tardiness will only be excused with documented appointments to the doctor.

    Six (6) unexcused tardies to school or unexcused early releases from school will result in one absence. 


    District Student Code of Conduct