Promotion Requirements

  • What are FSA Achievement Levels 1 through 5? What is an acceptable performance level? 
        All students in grades 3 through 10 are scored within five performance levels. The five levels are:

    High Level 5: Successful with the most challenging grade-level content
      Level 4: Mostly successful with challenging grade-level content
      Level 3: Partly successful with grade-level content – performance is on grade level
      Level 2: Limited success with grade-level content
    Low Level 1: Minimal success with grade-level content

    Students scoring in Levels 1 or 2 are achieving below grade level and are in need of additional assistance.Students scoring in Levels 3, 4, or 5 are achieving at or above grade level.

    In third grade, students who score Level 1 on the Grade 3 FSA ELA assessment must meet a good cause exemption or demonstrate grade-level reading skills on an alternate test or through a portfolio of their school work in order to be promoted to Grade 4. Mid-year promotion alternatives are also stipulated for good cause promotion to Grade 4 in State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.094222, FAC.

Grading Scale

    • Grades K-5

      A = 90-100 
      B+ = 87-89 
      B = 80 – 86 
      C+ = 77-79
      C = 70-76 
      D+ = 67-69 
      D = 60-66 
      F = 0-59