• Club Sponsor Meeting Day Time
    Alliance Club Ms. Mercer & Mrs. Skoglund-Cotter 3rd Wednesday of the month    8:30-9:00am
    Art Club Ms. Katz Tuesdays    3:45-4:45pm
    Builders Club Ms. Elkins, Mrs. Giuliano, & Mrs. Brandel Once a month    8:20 - 9:00am
    Creative Writing Mr. McDonald Thursdays    3:40- 4:40pm
    Drama Club Ms. Mercer Spring--Tuesdays & Thursdays    3:37 - 4:30PM
    Heart and Sole Ms. Mercer, Ms. Fillie, & Ms. Young Fall-Tuesdays & Thursdays    3:37 -5:00pm
    Garden Club Ms. Lopez & Mrs. Leon Wednesdays    3:37 - 4:30pm
    Math Counts Mrs. Olsen Fridays in 4-005    8:15-9:00am
    National Honor Society Mr. Barron Every other Tuesday    8:30-9:00am
    Student Government Mrs. Storch & Mr. Hidalgo  2nd & 4th Wednesday    8:30-9:00am
    Wyldlife Mr. McDonald  Alternating Thursdays    8:30 - 9:00am
    Yearbook Mrs. Ambrose & Ms. Skoglund-Cotter  Random Days