• Kanapaha Middle School     
    5005 SW 75th Street
    Gainesville, FL 32608
    Phone: 352-955-6960
    FAX: 844-567-8856



    Sherry Estes, Principal Email: estessl
    Diana Chance, APC
    Email: chancedb
    Austin McNichols, APA
    Email: mcnicholsa

    Note: Email addresses are followed by


Full Name Title Email Phone Ext Website
Estes, Sherry Principal estessl 352-955-6960
Chance, Diana Assistant Principal of Curriculum chancedb 352-955-6960
McNichols, Austin Assistant Principal for Administration mcnicholsa 352-955-6960
Maynard, Dan School Resource Deputy maynarddb


Full Name Title Email Phone Ext Website
Ambrose, Ashley History Department and 7th Grade Team Leader ambrosam Click Here
Aronson, Zachary History Department aronsonzr Click Here
Avery, Kelly Language Arts and Reading Department averyka
Barron, Archie History Department barronav Click Here
Bowen, Amy Language Arts and Reading Department bowenal Click Here
Brooks, Katie Science Department and Science Chair brookska1
Burklew, Allison Math Department burklewar Click Here
Calabrese, Jane Math Department and 6th Grade Team Leader calabresejm Click Here
Carnow, David Science Department carnowdj Click Here
Craine, Chris Language Arts and Reading Department crainecw Click Here
Dagher, Baria Language Arts and Reading Department dagherb
Davis, Stephanie History Department sherwoodsh
Delgado, Alba Language Arts and Reading and ESE Departments delgadan Click Here
Dickensheets, Patrick Science and ESE Departments dickensheetspf
Dubon, Selena History Departmet dubonsd Click Here
Edwards, Jennalee Science Department edwardsjs Click Here
Fillie, Katherine Language Arts and Reading Department filliekl
Freeman, Robyn Science Department freemara Click Here
Garcia, Liz Language Arts and Reading Department garcialm Click Here
Giuliano, Christy Science Department giulianocl Click Here
Grater, Karen Media Specialist graterkr
Hall, Amelia Dean of Students hallae
Hallman, Sherry Math Department hallmanst Click Here
Hart, Sara Media Specialist Hartsj
Hayes, Kevin Physical Education Department and Elective Chair hayeskw
Hazen, Lynn Spanish and History Departments hazenlc
Hidalgo, Franciso Science Department hidalgofj Click Here
Hoffer, Terry Technology hoffert Click Here
Hutchinson, Kessler Dean of Students hutchikl
Huynh, Mimi Language Arts and Reading Department huynhmt
Jones, Lionel Math Department jonesld Click Here
Katz, Jessica Art Department katzjh Click Here
Kieszek, Kate ESE Department kieszekka
Ladd, Keith Math Department laddkt Click Here
Lamon, Megan ESE Department and ESE Chair lamonme
Leon, Monica Language Arts and Reading Department leonmr Click Here
Long, Eric History Department and History Chair longem
Lopez, Tanya Language Arts and Reading Department lopeztb
Matrone, Kristina Language Arts and Reading Department, Department co-chair, and 8th Grade Team Leader matronekl Click Here
McDonald, Jeremy Language Arts and Reading Department and Department Co-Chair mcdonaldj Click Here
Mercer, Kristin School Counselor mercerkn
Miles, Thashea Math Department milesti
Navas, Vanessa Science Department navasv
Olsen, Maria Math Department olsenmt Click Here
Polkowski, Morgan Band and Chorus Director polkowskimd Click Here
Powell, Mara Language Arts and Reading Department powellmm Click Here
Renicks, Theresa Science Department and 7th Grade Team Leader renicksto
Ross, Kelli ESE, Science, and Math Departments; ESE Chair rosske
Schuh, Diana Language Arts and Reading Department schuhde Click Here
Skoglund, Sophia History Department skoglundsl Click Here
Smith, Hope Physical Education and Electives Chair smithhd Click Here
Storch, Amy Math Department storchan
Stupart, Deon Language Arts and Reading Department stupartda Click Here
West, Debbi History Department and Gifted Chair westda Click Here
Willey, Sherry Science Department willeysm
Williams, Liam Reading and Language Arts Department williamslm2
Wilson, Rhonda Drama wilsonrr
Wood-Hannah, Heather History Department woodhahe Click Here
Yarn, Aisha Language Arts and Reading Department and 8th Grade Team Leader yarnam Click Here
Young, Alexa School Counselor youngal

Support Staff

Full Name Title Email Phone Ext Website
Ambrose, Brandon Paraprofessional ambroseba
Blackshear, Rosetta Paraprofessional blackshearrs
Flagg, Sabrina Custodian
Gillespie, Carol Paraprofessional gillespiecl
Hubbard, Patricia Paraprofessional hubbarpa
Jackson, Gwen Custodian jacksongm1
Jackson, Hellouise Paraprofessional jacksonh1
Jones, Lynn School Psychologist jonessl
Maynard, Kathleen Cafeteria Manager maynardk
Mays, Sanja Custodian mayssd
Meyers, Theresa Paraprofessional meyerstm
Molander, Jessica Executive Assistant molanderjr
Moore, Monica ISD Specialist mooremd
Mosurick, Nancy Data Base Clerk mosuricknl
Murillo, Martha Guidance Clerical Aide murillomy
Nero, Jana Paraprofessional nerojg
Pardo, Jennifer Custodian pardojd
Parker, Samantha Lead Custodian parkersl
Perez, Margaret Paraprofessional perezm
Rolland, Vivian Paraprofessional rollandvj
Roy, Shambresha Receptionist roysl
Sams, Sebrina Custodian samssw
Sessions, Carolyn Paraprofessional sessionsca
Strickland, Celeste School Nurse stricklandcm
Struharik, Paul EDEP Coordinator struharikp