School Sponsored Sports                   

    • Boys and Girls Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Boys and Girls Volleyball
    • Boys and Girls Soccer


    Other Sports Opportunities

    • Football
    • Baseball


Sports Forms

  • Boys & Girls Basketball

    Boys - Coach Donald Johnson (donald.johnson82@yahoo.com)

    Girls - Coach Lonna Turner (turnerll@gm.sbac.edu)

    Stay up to date with player rosters, game schedules, and our unbeatable scores on our website below!


  • Lady Terriers Cheerleading

    Coach Villalaz (villalazkd)

    Got Terrier Pride? Tryouts for the 2022-2023 team will be held during the Fall semester.


  • Boys & Girls Soccer

    Boys Coach: Kana Zucker

    Girls Coach: Reggie Fenelus

    Join the team! Tryouts start during the spring semester. 

  • Football & Baseball

    Our football and baseball teams are offered through the Alachua County Boys and Girls Club. See their website for details and registration!

    Alachua County Athletic Leagues