•  School attendance and punctuality is the responsibility of parents and pupils. Florida Statutes require regular school attendance between the ages of 6 and 16. Students and parents have the responsibility to provide the school with an adequate explanation and appropriate documentation indicating the reason(s) for an absence.

    Excused Absences-

    Excused absences will include the following:

    • SaveAbsence due to sickness, injury, or some other insurmountable condition. A written statement from the student’s parent/guardian is due upon the student’s return detailing the reason for the absence. The student is responsible for turning in the parent note to the first period teacher.A parent/guardian may document up to six (6) days of absence per semester.
    • Death in the immediate family or a grandparent.
    • Documented appointments with health care professionals.
    • Documented absence for religious instruction or holiday.
    • Absence due to participation in an academic class or school-sponsored activity approved by the principal.
    • Documented court appearances.

    Unexcused Absences-

    -Unexcused absences may result in loss of credit for the semester.
    -Any student who has accumulated more than six (6) unexcused absences will not be awarded credit unless the student demonstrates mastery of the student performance standards in the course of study as determined by the teacher and principal. The standards are as follows:

    • Complete make-up work for all excused absences in a satisfactory manner within a reasonable period.
    • Show knowledge of the course contents through class assignments, projects, and/or written reports.
    • Pass a comprehensive final examination.


    Policies for Attendance-

    • Out-of school suspension absences are unexcused.
    • Homework for suspended students may be viewed on the school website,
    • It is the individual teacher’s decision as to the weight of the grade given to homework for unexcused absences. No credit or only partial credit may be given as per District Policy.
    • Students assigned to In-School Detention or for school-sponsored activities are not considered absent.
    • A student who does not check in with a teacher on club day will be considered “skipping” and referred to the Dean’s Office.
    • A student who has 15 unexcused absences within any 90 calendar days is considered truant and shall be reported to proper authorities. The Department of Highway Safety may not issue and shall suspend any previously issued driver’s license or learner’s license for any such minor student.


    Check In Procedure/Tardy

    All students who arrive at any time after 9:05 a.m. must sign in at the Attendance Office. Students are required to have a parent note to enter school late or must contact a parent by telephone. A doctor or dentist appointment (verified with appointment card) is accepted for an excused tardy. All other reasons are unexcused.

    Check Out Procedure

    Once a student has arrived on school property, he/she may not leave campus at any time without proper check out through the Attendance Office. Improper check in or check out will result in a Dean’s referral. Students are not allowed to check out without parent permission, regardless of age.

    Authorization for check out may be done only by the person listed as parent or guardian on the student’s emergency card. Picture identification must be shown at the time of checkout.

    Since Santa Fe is a closed campus, NO lunch check outs are allowed between 10:50 and 1:20 with the exception of doctor, dentist, court appointments or administrative approval. Official documentation verifying date and time of appointment is required to allow a student to return to school the same day. If it is necessary to checkout during the school day, parents are encouraged to use prearranged checkouts to expedite the checkout process. No walkup checkouts are allowed after 2:45.

    Pre-arranged Check Outs

    Before school, students must bring a parent note requesting early dismissal to the Attendance Office. Notes shall include:

    1. Reason for early dismissal.
    2. Method of travel (drive, walk, etc.).
    3. Name of person authorized to sign student out.
    4. Parent’s day phone number for verification of note.
    5. Time of dismissal.

    An early dismissal slip will be sent to the student who will report to the Attendance Office at the designated time to sign out or meet a parent.

    Additional checkout procedures

    • Students who become ill during the day will check out through the clinic.
    • Any student returning to campus after checking out is required to sign back in at the Attendance Office.
    • Checkouts are prohibited during Semester Exams.
    • Checkouts during In School Detention Assignment will result in an additional full day assigned.


    Tardy Policy and Regulations

    The bell that ends each class is the “time to move quickly and directly to the next class without stopping bell.” Students need to be sensitive to others and not stand or walk in any way that would slow down traffic flow. Keep to the right when walking, particularly on stairways and in congested areas.

    Tardy count starts over each nine weeks in the classroom. Dean’s consequences are progressive and do not start over at the new nine weeks.


    More information regarding attendance can be found on our district site.