Institute of Biotechnology

  •  Welcome to the Institute of Biotechnology at Santa Fe High School.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2019 5:45pm Biotech Open House...   and Shadowing for Biotech will be the last 2 weeks in January.... If interested in Biotech apply as soon as possible.

    The application process will open January 8, 2019, and closes February 9, 2019.

     SFHS is a model school for biotechnology education in the State of Florida and is offering academic and career and technical education credits.

    • Biotechnology is the technological application of living organisms or their derivatives, such as DNA, proteins, or cells, to make or modify new products or processes.
    • Biotechnology is "DIVERSE" in application; in research and industry such as: agriculture, pharmacology, bioinformatics, environmental and many more sciences.
    • Biotechnology jobs are in demand!
    • According to The National Employment Matrix the employment of biological scientists is projected to grow 9 percent over the 2006-2016 decade.
    • The Institute of Biotechnology offers students opportunity to prepare for career paths, articulation into Santa Fe College, or entry into the University of Florida.
  • Video of Biotechnology Technology Program at SF

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