• Institute of Biotechnology Coursework Progression

  • Biotechnology 1

    Course Focus: Scientific Measurement, Dilution Calculations, Project Management, Solution Prep, Sterile Technique, Biochemistry, Industry & Business of Biotech


    PMI Project Management Ready, Entrepreneurship & Small Business

  • Biotechnology 3 

    Course Focus: Protein Isolation and Purification, BACE Examination Prep, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Applications of Biotechnology, Product Development


    Biotechnician Assistant Certification Exam (BACE)

  • Biotechnology 2 

    Course Focus: Microbiology, DNA Isolation and Purification, Bacterial Growth/Identification, Polymerase Chain Reaction, CRISPR


    AEST Agricultural Biotechnology

  • Manufacturing Directed Studies

    Course Focus: Resume Development, Industry-level Research, Internship Opportunites, STEM Fair Project Development

    *Only available for students who start as 9th graders