Institute of Science/Bio technology Curriculum

  • Teacher: Lauren Chandler

    9th Grade Science + Biotechnology 1
    Course Focus: Scientific Measurement, Biology, DNA Isolation and Purification, Enzymes, Solution Preparation
    10th Grade Science + Biotechnology 2
    Course Focus: Sterile Technique, Protein Isolation and Purification, Assay Development, Plant Tissue Culture
    11th Grade Science + Biotechnology 3
    Course Focus: BACE Examination Prep, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural, Product Development
    12th Grade: Manufacturing Directed Studies
    Course Focus Resume Development, Industry Research, Project Development

    Agriscience pics

    All students must submit a completed application to the Institute of Biotechnology.

    Acceptance to the Institute of Biotechnology may require reassignment of your zoned school. It is your responsibility to request a zoning exemption from the zoning department at Kirby Smith if you are not already zoned for SFHS after you are
    accepted into the program.