Metcalfe PTA


    How can you be a part?

    Become a Member: Forms are available in the front office. A form must be completed to be a member and receive the state and national discounts. The cost is $6.50.

    Get Involved: Whether it is volunteering in your child’s classroom, helping in the library, coordinating a fundraiser or event, being on a fundraising or event team, or helping in other areas of the school, just be involved. By being involved it shows your child that school is important to you.

    The PTA holds fundraisers and events each year.  Our largest event is Fall Carnival. This is a great opportunity for families and friends to join together for games, food, and fun.The date there will be further information coming about this event date and time.

    There a two fundraisers that students like the best; Holiday Grams! The PTA will be sending out forms for Holiday Grams in the months December and February. 

    Teacher Appreciation Week is a great chance for the PTA to help support the faculty and staff at Metcalfe. We join with some our business partners and celebrate the Metcalfe's awesome team throughout the week.

    PTA meetings are held once month after school, so are looking forward to hering from you.

    Check out the calendar on the homepage for the upcoming PTA meeting dates.




  • 2018-2019 Metcalfe PTA Officers

    President: Ida Henderson

    Vice President:

    Secretary: Ashley Donaldson

    Treasurer: Omari Johnson

    Volunteer Coordinator:

    Social Chairperson:

    Principal: Jacquatte Rolle

    Faculty Rep: