40 Book Challenge

Are up to the challenge?40 Book Challenge

This year we are bringing back the 40 book challenging third through fifth-grade students! (K-2 we are going to try something else, I'm just not sure yet what it will be!) The 40 book challenge is a great way to empower our students, promote reading across genres, allow them to explore and develop as readers with no strings attached.

We must build a positive reading culture at OES! Two quotes from Donalyn Miller sum up the influence you have on your students outlook on reading...., 1. ,"the instructional edge goes to the teacher who see reading a gift, not a goal"! 2. "we cannot overlook one truth: no matter what standards we implement or reading tests we administer, children who read the most will always outperform children who don't read much."

The 40 Book Challenge is also a way to expose the students to different types of writing. One of Stephen Kings' "Top 20 Rules for Writers" is, Read, Read, Read, If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or tools) to write."


  • a personal challenge
  • self-selected reading across the genres
  • tracking the books you read to determine your reading interests.
  • sharing books you like with others


  • a contest against classrooms or student
  • a reading assignment tied to writing a book report, a summary, or any other type of "proof I read the book" assignment.
  • a reading for a reward program.
  • cheating to add books to your reading chart. Cheating is not a challenge!

How does the 40 Book Challenge Work?

Each student (and adult) participant will get an OES 40 Day Challenge Log. One side has blocks to color or check as your read through the genres and the other side has a reading log to write the titles and genres. This year, all participants will earn a "brag tag" for each book they read.