Common Questions from Our Parents…

  • School Policies and Procedures are established at every school to improve local systems and processes and to ensure the safety of our students, employees and visitors.

    In order to assist you in learning about the policies and procedures at Mebane Middle School, we are including a list of frequently asked questions from parents to our front office staff. It is our goal for our school website and the Parent/Student Handbook to be a resource for answering your questions. We will continue to add questions/answers as necessary.

    Q: My middle school child is becoming more independent.  How do I stay involved and know how he/she is doing in class?
    A: There is a common transition of independence during the middle school years.  This is the time to continue, but CHANGE the way you check on your child.  First, you are on this website, so you are ahead of the game already.  Keep track of the calendar and announcements.  Second, join the PTSA for involvement in the school activities and decisions.  Third, make sure you have a Skyward Family Access account to see grades, late assignments, and attendance/tardy issues.  Finally, contact your child's teacher if you are concerned about a grade or trend of grades starting.  In addition, if your child is experiencing a loss in the family or other trauma or change, contact your team of teachers and/or guidance to let them know.  All our teachers are experienced and skilled at working with not only the subject matter but also this age group and the challenges that come with it.  Email addresses are on the website under faculty and staff.

    Q: I need to speak to my child’s teacher. Can I come in early one morning and go to the classroom?
    A: Mornings are busy times for our teachers as they are preparing for the school day, so please email your child’s teacher to ask your question.  If you need to meet with the teacher or a group of teachers, arrange for a meeting through our guidance secretary Mrs. Tileston.

    Q: How do I get my child’s teacher's email address?
    A: All school employees have the same ending to their email address: Email addresses are listed on our Faculty and Staff page on our website.

    Q: My child has a 2:00 dentist appointment. Can I check her out at 1:30?
    A: Please try to make appointments, so they do not conflict with your child's academic schedule.  We are VERY fortunate at Mebane to have an earlier release time than other schools. If it is unavoidable, the latest time to check out your child is 1:45.  Check out is handled in the front office.  You will need to provide a valid ID and be on the child's emergency card in order to check out a child.  Encourage your child to make up for any work missed due to his/her/their absence.

    Q:  I need my brother to pick up my daughter from the school early.  Can he check her out if he has the same last name and I call ahead?  A:  To ensure the safety of our students, we only allow those on the Emergency Card to check out a child. At the beginning of the year, it is important to make sure those people are listed on the emergency card  When anyone checks out any child, he or she has to present a current ID.

    Q: My child’s birthday is today. Can I bring in balloons and flowers?
    A: Happy Birthday to your child.  We know you want to celebrate, but unfortunately, students may not carry around balloons, flowers and other distractions to the classroom environment.  All those items will be held in the front office until the end of the last period.

    Q: I want to visit my child’s classroom. Do I need to check in the front office first?
    A: First make arrangements through our guidance department with at least a 24-hour notice. If arrangements are made, you will need to check in the front office for a visitor pass before proceeding to the classroom.  For the safety of our children, all visitors must check in through our front office with a current ID.  Sometimes, another adult is a distraction to other students, so we encourage using other ways to become involved first.  Another way to get involved is to volunteer at our events, arrange for a conference, email the teacher your concerns, or talk with the guidance department.

    Q: Is the media center open for my child to print something?

    A:  We open the media center every morning at 7:30, unless there is testing or the media staff is called to another part of campus.  We are also open during the day, and at lunch, for students to take care of research, library, and printing needs.  If the child has a note from a teacher, he or she can stay until 2:30 after school.  This is after the bus pick up, so your child would need an alternative way to get home.  Please encourage your child to organize his/her time, so he/she is not waiting until the last minute.