Advanced Courses


    Advanced Language Arts

    • The curriculum infuses the use of technology and writing based on novels and research.  The novels serve as a springboard for research projects and essays. 
    • At each grade level, grammar skills are taught in a progressive manner.  The students focus on sentence and paragraph writing in the 6th grade, while in 7th grade, the students focus on incorporating higher-level vocabulary and adding details to their writing.  In 8th grade, students refine their work through the incorporation of analysis and support to prepare for AP classes, Cambridge program, or International Baccalaureate.


    Advanced Social Studies

    • Interactive, hands-on lessons implementing lessons designed by the Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)
    • Advanced writing program geared toward AP courses at the high school level implementing document analysis designed by the DBQ Project
    • Full computer lab at each grade level plus lab top carts for classroom use
    • 6th grade studies World History and explore the development of civilizations up to the 1400s. 
    • 7th Grade studies Civics where students gain knowledge and analytical skills through hands-on, high-interest activities. 
    • 8th grade studies U.S. History and explore the development of our country through Reconstruction.  Focuses heavily on preparing students for AP/IB/AICE level classes in high school.  Primary source documents are used throughout the year in order to prepare students for the writing required at the next level.


    Advanced Sciences

    • Each grade level takes Comprehensive Science.  In each level the students study Earth Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  Each year expands on the previous year.  At the end of the third year, students take a State Science Exam.

    Advanced Mathematics

    • The math sequence of courses prepares students to pass and receive high school credit for the End of Course Exams.  Beginning in 6th grade these courses emphasize Pre-Algebra skills.  In seventh grade, the emphasis is on Algebra skills with an introduction to the TI-Inspire Calculators.   Eighth grade continues with more in-depth use of the TI-Navigator System and emphasizes geometry concepts.
    • 6th Grade Courses: Math 1 or 2 Advanced
    • 7th Grade Courses: Math 2 or Algebra 1 Honors
    • 8th Grade Courses: Algebra 1 Honors or Geometry Honors
    • There is a math club at KMS: Mathcounts