This exam provides students with a practice test in preparation for the SAT I. It is also used in the selection of the top juniors in the country for the awarding of National Merit Scholarships. The NMSQT selection index is determined annually and varies from year to year. It is announced at the beginning of each school year in September.  PSAT scores are not used by colleges as admissions criteria.

    It is recommended for any student planning to attend college to take the PSAT at least once if not more than once while in high school. 

    The PSAT/NMQST will be administered on Wednesday, 10/10/18 during school, for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students.

    Students: Please bring your own calculator and pencils.

    Students should register with their guidance counselor. Testing fee is $20.00.  Students can start registering for the test starting the first week of September in Student Services (Guidance).  A table will be available during Open House as well to take payment.  There are no refunds for the test as the test has to be purchased based on the number of students who register for the test.