School Advisory Council

  • The School Board establishes a School Advisory Council (SAC) in each District school to serve in an advisory capacity to the school principal and in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan required pursuant to Florida statutes. The term "advisory" includes inquiring, evaluating, informing, suggesting, and recommending.

    The principal shall receive and consider SAC advice; however, the principal remains responsible for making decisions necessary for administering and supervising the school. The principal shall promote communication among students, staff, parents, and community.

    The SAC is the sole body responsible for final decision making at the school relating to school improvement. SACs shall not assume any of the powers or duties now reserved by Florida statutes for the Board or its administrative or instructional staff.

    School advisory councils for school improvement and accountability will comply with procedures set forth in Florida statutes and Florida State Board of Education administrative rules.

    F.S. 24.121(5), 1001.42, 1001.452


  • SAC meetings will be at 5:00pm.  Official meeting dates will be posted on the school calendar.

SAC Members

  • Principal

    • Jared Taber

    Fort Clarke Faculty/Staff

    • Kathleen Cook
    • Judi Hebert
    • Susie Hill
    • Tameka Rollins (ESP)
    • Terri Schimel


    • Kerceus Andre
    • Amy Gandy
    • Robin Geiger
    • Jennifer Massenburg

    Community Members

    • Alan Findley
    • Stephen Magnus
    • Larry Monroe

    Student Member

    • Peter Moywaywa