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    Welcome to Fort Clarke’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

    This webpage is designed to give you an overview of the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department of Fort Clarke Middle School and the services available to students that qualify for ESE programs. If you are new to Alachua and have yet to visit the school board website, you may do so by clicking the following link: Alachua County ESE Services Website

    Mission Statement:

    It is the mission of the Exceptional Student Education Department to ensure that Fort Clarke provides programs that encourage and challenge students with special needs to develop the necessary academic and social skills that will propel them to achieve maximum success.

    Our Commitment to Each Student:

    The goal of the ESE Department is to assist school personnel in the appropriate identification, placement, and programming for exceptional students. We believe that parent training, community awareness, and services to families are essential to student success.

    Overview of Services

    Co-teach science, co-teach social studies, and co-teach math

    Math for students with varying exceptionalities (VE)

    Reading for students with varying exceptionalities (VE)

    Self-contained class: Alternate Assessment

    Self-contained class: behavioral

    Consultative services

    Faculty & Staff (alphabetical listing - all email @gm.sbac.edu)

    Mr. Joseph Bucca, ESE paraprofessional buccaj
    Ms. Karen Faircloth, ESE paraprofessional fairclothka
    Ms. Patricia Parker, ESE Social Studies; Social Studies CT parkerpl
    Mr. Ryan Reidway, ESE Science; Science CT reidwayra
    Ms. Yara Rivera, ESE Clerk riverayy
    Ms. Tameka rollins, ESE paraprofessional rollinsts
    Ms. Rossalyn Sander, ESE clerk sanderrp
    Ms. Laken Sims, ESE Math; Math CT simsld
    Mr. Richard Thal, ESE paraprofessional     thalrm
    Ms. Amanda Thompson, Access thompsam

    County Staff (alphabetical listing - all email @gm.sbac.edu)

    Ms. Vivian Bender-Walker, Teacher Hearing Impaired bendervm
    Ms. Christina Hammersmark, Physical Therapist hammersmarkcs
    Dr. Kim Kazimour, School Psychologist kazimokk
    Ms. Ashley King, Speech and Language Therapist kingan
    Ms. Patricia Mills, Occupational Therapist millpa


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