Access to Resources

  • Access to Resources
    Books and Periodicals: There are over 11,000 books, more than 10 magazines and periodical subscriptions available to our users. Books are available for check-out; magazines and periodicals have a one day check-out period.

    Online Resources: There are 9 computers available for student use in the media center. Please remember that students using the equipment for academic objectives have priority in their use. 
    All district online resources can be accessed from home or school.

    Printing: Laser printer: Students may print for free the first two pages of any instructional materials/activities needed. Personal printing is not encouraged and students may be charged ten cents a page if printing privileges are abused. Due to budget cuts, students are encouraged to print homework at HOME and classwork at school.

    Teacher Resources
    Beacon Learning Center-
    Teacher lesson plans, teacher unit plans, education resources

    Teaching Books- Lessons plans on high school reads. i.e. Night, Great Gatsby, etc

    Collaborative Planning

    Teachers are encouraged to meet with media specialists to plan lessons that integrate our available resources. Come see Ms. Doppke for book talks, how to do research, plagarisisim skills, etc

    Book check-out: Teachers may check out materials for as long as they need them. Please be courteous and remember to return them when finished so others may enjoy the use of those resources.

    Audiovisual materials and equipment check outs: VCRs, DVD players, overhead projectors, CD players, TV presentation units, etc., are available for daily check-out. Please ask for assistance at the front desk.

    Lamination: The laminator turns itself off and takes between 15-20 minutes to warm up again. If you don't have time to wait, you may prefer to leave the materials at the front desk and we'd try to complete the job by the end of the day.