Message From Our Principal

  • On behalf of the Stephen Foster Elementary faculty and staff I’d like to extend a welcome for the 2022-2023 school year. I am the proud principal of Stephen Foster Elementary school and it is my honor and privilege to be entrusted with a piece of your child’s educational journey. In my career, I have held various positions across the elementary, middle and high school levels, including classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school levels, Administrative Resource Teacher at the middle school level, Instructional Coach at the elementary level, Assistant Principal at the middle and high school level and Principal at the elementary and high school levels. My experiences and opportunities have granted me the unique view of seeing the beginning point of education with our Kindergarten students, to the culmination of grade 12 for Seniors. This has allowed me to gain a personal perspective and understanding of how integral each step of a child’s education is for their holistic development. 


    At Stephen Foster, we value each child for their uniqueness and their personal contributions to our diverse school population. Our faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence for all students. They are dedicated to ensuring that each child feels safe, valued, and capable of achieving great things. We rely on our school community to stand with us in encouraging and supporting our children each and every day. It is my hope that through collaboration and communication, Stephen Foster will continue to thrive. We hope that you will become involved in one of our many activities that support our students both in and out of the classroom. We have numerous things to be proud of as a school and community and I look forward to a fantastic year ahead. Go Stephen Foster Steamers!



    Dr. Mistie Rodriguez