Mission, Vision and Core Values

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    Stephen Foster teachers and staff are committed to the success of every student by STEAMing ahead toward leadership.  

    Vision (Where are we going?)


    Mission (How are we going to get there?)
    Stephen Foster commits to STEAM ahead toward leadership by:

    Synergizing with all

    Taking personal responsibility

    Encouraging genius

    Achieving our goals

    Making everyone a Leader


    School Narrative

    Steamers Lead the Way!

    By providing children a safe place where learning leads to high achievement, we will teach students the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids to help them achieve their goals. Teachers and students work together to build a strong, academic foundation based on state and national standards. Through high expectations, we strive to provide a rigorous and relevant elementary school experience. Our goal is to provide excellent instruction using research-based curriculum to prepare students to be successful in middle and high school, college and in the workplace. We are committed to establishing a cooperative and lasting partnership between home, school and the community to assist our students in acquiring a high-quality education. We offer a variety of opportunities for our students and encourage everyone to be involved in our programs.