Our School Parking Protocols

  • In order to keep children safe, and keep drop-off and pick-up as efficient as possible, our School has adopted these protocols. We ask that all caregivers review and follow the protocols in order to contribute to our safe school culture and demonstrate consideration and respect for all. At the end of the day, the children are watching. Please remember you are modeling for them the necessity of following school rules and showing respect for all.


    All students parking in the back lot (East) will enter and exit the 441 gate. All students parking along the baseball fence will enter the 235A gate and exit the 441 gate. 

    Parent Drop-Off:
    All drop-off traffic will enter either gate. Parents dropping students off in the front lot (West) will exit the 235A gate. Parents dropping students off in the back lot will exit the 441 gate.


    Buses will enter the 441 gate and exit the 235A gate. The bus schedule for SFHS can be found here.


    For security reasons the 441 gate will be locked from 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM.

    Additional Notes:

    1. Drop-offs are made only in the drop-off lane in front (West) of the school.
    2. Buses load and unload in the bus lane in front (West) of the school.
    3. Vehicles are not permitted in the bus loading lane at any time.
    4. 441 gate will be closed during the school day. Use the 235A entrance.

    While in the valet line, please pull all the way to the front until traffic is stopped. A staff member will escort your child to/from your car. Children should have their things gathered and be ready to unload as soon as the car is against the curb.

    Whenever traffic along green curb is completely backed up to behind the first crosswalk those against the curb (lane 1) should load/unload there. Those in the far line (lane 2) will be prioritized and directed to a space along the green curb (in lane 1 past 1st crosswalk) as soon as one is available. When those on the green curb are loading/unloading those that have already loaded and or unloaded from the kinder curb (lane 1) will be directed through to the far lane (lane 2) to exit. See map.

    Thank you for helping to keep all of our children safe, and to alleviate traffic as much as possible!

    Picking Up Children From School Early: Children are not released directly from the classroom to leave school before dismissal times. You MUST come to the office first and sign out your child. Your child will be sent for and released to you.

    Student Parking

     Contact the Deans office for parking spaces (386) 462-1125 ext. 5909

     Santa Fe Parking