School Spirit / Alma Mater

  • What is a Raider?

    raid'er n.

    Word History: Few soldiers traveling a road to carry out a raid would connect the words road and raid. However, both descend from the same Old English word rd. Old English rd meant “the act of riding” and “the act of riding with a hostile intent; that is, a raid,” senses that no longer exist for our word road. The ai in raid represents the standard development in the northern dialects of Old English long a, while the oa in road represents the standard development of Old English long a in the rest of the English dialects. It was left to Sir Walter Scott to revive the Scots form raid with the sense “a military expedition on horseback.” The Scots were not the only ones conducting raids, however. We find these words in the Middle English Coventry Leet Book: “aftur a Rode... made uppon the Scottes at thende of this last somer.” While road is not used in this way any more in English, a trace of this usage is still detectable in the compound inroad, literally “a riding or advance on or in.”


    Our Raider Alma Mater

    In the heart of Alachua County
    Neath the suns warm glow
    Is the home of Santa Fe High School
    Finest place we know.
    May we cherish thy traditions
    hold thy banner high
    Ever guard thy name in glory
    Live to do or die.
    Tho we leave thy walls forever
    Many miles go hence
    May our love for
    Santa Fe High School
    Only have commenced.


    Stand up for Old Santa Fe
    Cheer for our Team
    The Red & The Gray
    Famous for our Raider Pride
    Spirit that comes from deep inside.
    We've got the Teamwork
    We've got the heart
    Courage that sets the Raiders apart.
    Were the Raiders
    And proud to say!
    The Raiders of Santa Fe

    How do you show your school spirit??

    Go Raiders!!

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