Gifted Science

  • Overview

    The differentiated curriculum will add breadth and depth to the academically gifted students’ educational opportunities by exposing them to increasingly complex concepts about topics that otherwise would not be included in their middle school experiences.  The curriculum goes beyond the requirements of the Florida Standards. Students at Fort Clarke Middle School will be taught the science process skills of observation, communication, prediction, inference, and classification.



    Our Goals

    We believe students’ goals must be met emotionally as well as intellectually.  Middle school is a transition period, and at Fort Clarke we address the issues that arise during this critical developmental stage.  Students will learn how to organize their time while acquiring and applying the study skills that will allow them to be academically successful.  Our ultimate goal is to insure that students are prepared for the rigors of a demanding high school curriculum whether it be Cambridge, IB, AP, Honors, or other challenging courses of study.


    Topics in Gifted Science

    Earth and Space Science

    Includes astronomy, meteorology, geology, and oceanography.

    Life Science

    Includes botany, zoology, anatomy, environmental science, and taxonomy.

    Physical Science

    Includes chemistry and physics.




    Curriculum Highlights

    Guest Speakers

    Science Fair

    Laptop Laboratory Experiments

    Inquiry Based Lessons                              

    Virtual Experiments

    Quarterly Independent Projects

    Interactive Smart Board Lessons

    Real and Virtual Dissections

    Microscope Training and Practice

    ‘Low’ Tech Data Gathering

    ‘High’ Tech Data Gathering