• School Advisory Council

    SAC at Shell Elementary

    The School Board establishes a School Advisory Council (SAC) to serve in an advisory capacity to the school principal and in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan.

    The School Advisory Council shall:

    • perform such functions as may be prescribed by the School Board;
    • assist in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the school improvement plan required by Florida Statutes;
    • promote communication among students, staff, parents, administration, and the community;
    • provide input on the school's annual budget and the use of school improvement funds;
    • request waiver of School Board of Alachua County policies, Florida Statutes or State Board of Education Rules which will allow the SAC plan to be implemented or school personnel to establish innovative educational practices and methods; and
    • serve as a resource for the principal and perform such other functions as are requested by the Principal.
    • SAC Toolbox

    SAC Members:

    Holly Burton

    Lynn Emmerich

    Sarah Parsons

    Lelia Powell

    Lillian Hutchinson

    Shelley Baxley

    Sue Bruce

    Sylvia Robinson

    Brenda Keith

    Meredith Henry

    Melanie Aultman