Common Questions from Our Parents…

  • School Policies and Procedures are established at every school to improve local systems and processes and to ensure the safety of our students, employees and visitors.

    In order to assist you in learning about the policies and procedures, we are including a list of frequently asked questions from parents to our front office staff.  It is our goal for our school website and the Parent/Student Handbook to be a resource for answering your questions.  We will continue to add questions/answers as necessary.

    Q: I need to speak to my child’s teacher. Can I come in early one morning and go to the classroom?
    A: Mornings are busy times for our teachers as they are preparing for the school day, so please email your child’s teacher to arrange a convenient time to meet with or call her/him.  Remember to include your phone number in the email. In the event that you do not have email access, the front office staff will be happy to take a message from you and send it to the teacher.  NOTE: Teachers have 24 hours to respond parent emails and phone calls.

    Q: How do I get my child’s teacher email address?
    A: All school employees have the same ending to their email address:  Email addresses are listed on our Faculty and Staff page.

    Q: I want to visit my child’s classroom.  Do I need to check in the front office first?
    A: Unexpected visitors can be disruptive to the learning environment, therefore we ask that you refrain from visiting the classroom unless you have made arrangements with the teacher.  If arrangements are made, you will check in the front office for a visitor pass before proceeding to the classroom.