The attendance policy is designed to facilitate learning at BHS by ensuring that students are in class and participating in the learning process.  Students should attend class daily and provide the school with an adequate explanation and appropriate documentation for all absences.  It is the responsibility of each student’s parent or guardian to explain the student’s absence to the school.  Reasons for excused absences include:


    • sickness; injury; death in the family
    • documented appointments with health care professionals
    • documented absence for religious instruction or religious holiday
    • participation in an academic class or school-sponsored activity approved by the principal
    • court appearances (copy of subpoena required)
    • all other absences are considered unexcused, including suspensions from school.


    The numbers of absences a student may have per semester and still be eligible (IF a passing grade is received on a comprehensive final exam) for credit are:


    • 6 excused with a parent note
    • 6 unexcused
    • medical excuses with documentation from a health-related professional
    • students with many medical excuses must apply for Homebound Status


    A student who exceeds the numbers of unexcused absences may be unable to receive credit for his/her semester classes.  Students who are absent the day of an activity should NOT be allowed to participate in that activity.  Students absent days prior to an activity should NOT be allowed to participate in that activity.

    Parents are responsible for the attendance of their children within the compulsory attendance age (Florida Statute 1003.24).  Any student who accumulates 15 or more unexcused absences within 90 calendar days may be classified as a habitual truant and, as such, may have a truancy petition or a children-in-need-of-services petition filed by the Superintendent (Florida Statutes 1003.27).


    Truancy: If a student has more than fifteen unexcused absences within ninety calendar days, he or she will be considered truant.  Under Florida’s Compulsory Attendance Law, truant students and their parents may face legal sanctions, including appearance in truancy court.


    Late students must check in with Mrs. Hartman in the attendance office and receive a pass to class.


    More information regarding attendance can be found on our district site.


  • A student who is more than ten (10) minutes tardy to school must report to the Attendance Office to sign in.  Please have a parent contact number available for verification of the tardy.  Failure to check-in properly will result in disciplinary action.  Additionally, tardies to class are subject to disciplinary action. 

Checking in and out

  • Buchholz High School has a closed campus.  Students who must occasionally leave school because of illness or an appointment – regardless of age – must officially check-out through the Attendance Office.  In case of emergency, the Dean’s Office or Front Office should be contacted.  Students checking out must have a valid reason and parental permission that can be verified. Contact with the parent must be made by phone or in person.  Notes, alone, will not be accepted.  If parent or guardian contact is not possible, an Administrator may give permission to check out prior to leaving (not after the fact).  Failure to check out properly will result in disciplinary action by the Dean’s Office.  Students returning to school the same day must get an admit slip from the Attendance Office.  A note verifying the reason for the time missed must be given to the Attendance Office.  If the student does not return to school the same day, the note should be given to the Attendance Office upon returning to school.

Skipping Class/School

  • Students must attend all classes every day to make progress toward graduation.  Any student skipping class or school will be subject to disciplinary action.

Participation in After-School Activities

  • Students must be in school on the day of an after-school activity in order to take part in extracurricular events.  They must be present for a minimum of four (4) periods for the day.