Faculty & Staff

  • Buchholz High School      
    5510 NW 27th Ave
    Gainesville, FL 32606

    Phone: (352) 955-6702
    FAX: (844) 770-0225      Student Records Fax: (833) 790-3938




    Kevin Purvis, Principal Email: purviskl
    Dr. Melissa Pratto, Assistant Principal - Curriculum Email: prattomm
    Marlon Jones, Assistant Principal - Administration,  Title IX Coordinator Email: jonesmd
    Julie Smith, Assistant Principal - Student Services Email: smithje1

    Note: Email addresses are followed by @gm.sbac.edu.

Administrative Support

Full Name Title Email Website
Leslie Bedell Front Office Reception bedellla
Brittany Bowers Activities Director bowersbl
Ron Brooks Athletic Director brooksrc
Margiet Canler, RN Nurse canlermm
Sonya Groce Assistant Bookkeeper grocesb
Tina Hartman Attendance hartmantr
Kaye Marinoff Bookkeeper marinoffke
Nancy Nanke Executive Assistant nankenj
Ruth Paletti, LPN Nurse palettira

Student Services

Full Name Title Email Phone/Fax Website
Heather Barnes Database Specialist (Student Records) barneshc  Student Records Fax: (833) 790-3938
Heather Bates Counselor - 9th/10th grade students with last names A through L batesha
Christine Borden Counselor - 11th/12th grade students with last names A through G bordenca
Jean Brown Counselor - 11th/12th grade students with last names H through O brownjg
Erin Camizzi Counselor - 9th/10th grade students with last names M through Z camizziem
Marc Ellard Dean ellardm
James Franklin Family Liaison franklinjg
Jennifer Frazer Database Manager frazerjl
Jamea George Registrar georgeje
Scott Jamison Senior Clerical jamisosh
Lashandra Jenkins Dean jenkinln
Sonny Jenkins Guidance Reception (Registration), Volunteer Coordinator jenkinssm
Beth Kries Deans' Secretary kriesbe
Sara Livingstone Social Worker (Monday and Wednesday) livingstoneso
Kevin Peoples Dean peopleskl
Clive Stampp Student Support Specialist stamppca
Gloria Valladares Dean valladgm
Suzanne Warner Counselor - 11th/12th grade students with last names P through Z warnersl
Jermaine Welch Site Tech welchjm

Aerospace Science

Full Name Title Email Website
Michael Phelps (Chief) AFJROTC phelpsjm Website Link
James Roberts (Colonel) AFJROTC robertsje Website Link


Full Name Title Email Website
Kristy Foster AP Photography fosterkl
Lindsay Lugrin AP Art Portfolio, Ceramics lugrinlf
Phillip Journey Art, Painting journeypw
Kevin White Art, Drawing, Journalism, Yearbook whitekj


Full Name Title Email Phone Ext Website
Noah Graben Symphonic Band, AP Music Theory, Aviance, Percussion, Jazz Band grabennc (352) 955-6995 Website Link


Full Name Title Email Website
Charles Bell Academy of Finance bellce Website Link
Michele Brothers Academy of Finance brothemm Website Link
Marilyn Carrington Paraprofessional carringtonmg
Terry Hoffer Academy of Entrepreneurship hoffert Website Link
Wendy Rosche Academy of Entrepreneurship roschewl Website Link


Full Name Title Email Website
Ena Schentrup Applied Engineering, Drafting schentrupem


Full Name Title Email Website
Ted Lewis Theater, Stagecraft lewista


Full Name Title Email Website
Brandy Bradshaw English, Biology, Geometry bradshbn  
Ron Brooks Social Studies, HOPE brooksrc  
Garry Dodds Science doddsgw  
Rainey Hooper Access hooperr  
Elise Jones ESE Clerical jonese  
Mike Maren Algebra 1, Geometry, LAM marentm  
Jessica McClelland Learning Strategies mcclellandjm  
Kyle Roth English, Biology rothkj  
Hayden Scharf Social Studies, Math scharfhw  
Linda Stiles SLP stileslm  
Christin Vinson Learning Strategies vinsoncn  

E-school Proctors

Full Name Title Email Website
Xavier Amerson E-school Proctor amersonxr
Domonique Boykin E-school Proctor boykindl
Leeland Carter E-school Proctor carterlo
David Jackson E-school Proctor jacksondb

Family and Consumer Sciences

Full Name Title Email Website
Arleen Partridge Food and Nutrition, Food 2 partridgeav

Foreign Languages

Full Name Title Email Website
Brittany Bowers Spanish 2 bowersbl
Veronica Charbonnet Spanish 1, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature charbonnetva
Sarah Luesch German lueschsj
Kristy Shuster Spanish 2, Spanish 3 Honors shusterkl
Don Waswick Spanish 1 and 2 waswickdg

Language Arts

Full Name Title Email Website
Richard Burns English IV Honors, Debate burnsrm
Denise Cueto English II, English II Honors cuetod
Kayla Park English II Pre-AP, English II Honors fitzsimonskm
Patrick Gallagher AP Language, English II Honors, English IV gallagherp
Matthew Goldstein English III, English III Honors goldsteinma
Harper Hunter English III, English III Honors hunterhe
Nathan Justice English I Honors, English II justicenm
Dennis Lewis English IV lewisdl
Susan LoMonte English II, English II Honors lomontsr
Elliot Moore English I, English I Honors moorees
Valeri Pandak English I pandakv
Hayley Ross English II, English II Honors rosshe
Diana Schuh AP Capstone Research, English III schuhde
Kendra Vincent AP English Literature, English IV Honors vincentkn
Sarah Miller Williams English I Honors, English I Pre-AP williamssm

Library Media Center

Full Name Title Email Website
Media Specialist
Ana Charret Media Aide charretam
Bryan Hantak Media Specialist- WCAT - State Testing Coordinator hantakbc
Stacey Scott Media Specialist - AP Coordinator scottsm
Amy Shrewsbury Computer Proctor - Copy Room shrewsburyah


Full Name Title Email Website
Kelly Almaguer AP Statistics, Algebra II Honors almaguerkl
Nicole Biener Algebra IA bienerna
Jessica Dawson Statistics Honors, College Liberal Arts dawsonjl
Jessica Demers Geometry demersja
Olanrewaju Fayiga Math for Data & Financial Literacy, Math for College Algebra fayigaoi
Will Frazer AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus BC Team, Math 1, 2 & 3 frazerwj
Sarah Houze Geometry, Geometry Honors houzese
Elena Karis Pre-Calculus Special, Algebra II Honors kariseo
Ziwei Lu AP Computer Science A, Algebra 2 Honors, Pre-Calculus Team luz
Greg Norman Algebra II normangp
Annette Packwood Algebra 1 packwooda
Amy Palmer Algebra II, Geometry Honors palmeral
William Pankey Pre-Calculus Honors pankeytw
Michael Raburn Geometry, Geometry Honors raburnml
Maria "Ali" Rinehart Algebra I, Algebra I Honors rinehartma
Sean Walters Algebra I, Algebra II walterssc

Performing Arts

Full Name Title Email Website
Noah Graben Band grabennc Website Link
Richard Burns Debate burnsrm
Ted Lewis Theater, Stagecraft lewista Website Link
Lindsey Tran Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Music of the World, Guitar, Keyboard, String Orchestra tranttt

Physical Education

Full Name Title Email Website
Bob Horodyski Basketball, Personal Fitness, Weightlifting horodyrm
Mark Whittemore Weightlifting whittemt
James Rowley Personal Fitness, Weightlifting rowleyiijm


Full Name Title Email Website
Joan Cannon-Dicks Reading 3, Reading 4 cannondicksjm
Debra Fields Reading 1 fieldsda
Theresa Flamand Reading 1, Reading 2 flamanta


Full Name Title Email Website
Erika Barahona Biology, Biology Honors barahonae
Lori Boggs Biology Honors, Chemistry boggsll
Gabriella Bottorff Biology, Biology Honors bottorffgf
Stephanie Cooney Chemistry Honors cooneysh
Bethan Gillett Environmental Science, Environmental Science Honors gillettba
Michael Hartman Biology, AP Biology hartmanmh
Karen Kearney Anatomy and Physiology Honors kearneke Website Link
Marc Moody AP Physics I, AP Physics II, AP Physics C, Scientific Debate, AP Comp. Sci. Principles moodyms
Jacob Moser Environmental Science moserjg
Amy Paris Earth/Space Science parisac
Kirsten Patterson Marine Science, Marine Science Honors pattersondk
Alex Payne Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry, AP Calc AB payneac
John Pettit Environmental Science Honors pettitjd Website Link
John Pettit AP Environmental Science pettitjd AP Website Link
Josh Wardwell Environmental Science Honors wardwelljj

Social Studies

Full Name Title Email Website
Scott Allen AP US History allensw
Robert Ash World History Honors, AP European History ashrj
Stacia Berben AP Psychology berbensj
Cedric Gilbert-Rolfe US History, World History Honors gilbertrolfecf
Mark Graham Microeconomics, Microeconomics Honors grahamma
Kiersten Hamby World History, World History Honors hambykd
Ryan McNickle US History Honors, AP Seminar mcnicklers Website Link
Heather Minor US History, US History Honors minorhe
Jessica Morey AP US Government, AP Micro, African American Studies moreyja
Wesley Smith US Government, US Government Honors smithwr1
Elizabeth Marlin World History Honors, AP World History stanfielded
Mark Whittemore World History, AP Human Geography whittemt

Technology Education

Full Name Title Email Website
Jessica Campbell Digital Media campbellj
Matthew DiBernado CROP dibernardomj
Ena Schentrup Applied Engineering, Drafting schentrupem

Support Staff

Full Name Title Email Website
Caprice Blake Paraprofessional blakecc
Connie Bradley Paraprofessional bradleycf
Lakeysha Gordon Paraprofessional gordonly
Steven Howard Plant Mechanic howardsp
Gilda Perez Paraprofessional perezgy
Michael Perry Paraprofessional perrymw
Jennifer Presley Paraprofessional presleyja
Jermaine Welch Technology Specialist welchjm
Rebecca White Paraprofessional whiterl
Lisa Zunkel Paraprofessional zunkelll

Custodial Staff and Food Service

Full Name Title Email Website
James Bessent **Head Custodian bessentj
Kenneth Dupree *Lead Custodian dupreekj
Frances Creveling *Manager Food Services crevelingf
Frances Wilyoung Asst Manager Food Services wilyoungfm
Edwin Bryant Custodian bryantej
Clifford Ivey Custodian iveycl
Twanda Jackson Custodian jacksontl
Jermane London Custodian londonja
Hamod McNutt Custodian mcnutthh
Kathy McNutt Custodian mcnuttke
Rodney Peterson Custodian petersrw
Joseph Rose Custodian roseja
Lakeenya Tyson Custodian tysonlc
Wayne Welcome Custodian welcomewl
Shawanta Williams Custodian williamssy
Shauna Albrecht Food Service albrectsm
Chi Cheung Food Service cheungc
Sarah Cooper Food Service coopersv
Sharon Greenhut Food Service greenhutsm
Riley Hand Food Service handrd
Luke Kerensky Food Service kerenskyrl
Kristina Leggett Food Service leggettkm
Amanda Robinson Food Service robinsonsa
Barbara Zieglar Food Service zieglarba