BRT (Behavioral Resource Teacher)

  • Picture shows how a safe, caring, orderly school community improves student achievement.

    Mrs. Deirdre Warner is Chiles' BRT (Behavior Resource Teacher). Her primary responsibility is to provide support to students and teachers. Our ultimate goal at Chiles is to create a positive and safe learning environment so that each student can reach his/her maximum potential.

    What does a Behavior Resource Teacher do?
    works to improve school-wide behavior to maximize instructional time

    • supports teachers through behavior intervention and positive discipline strategies
    • provides tools for students to learn pro-social behaviors such as empathy, impulse control, and anger management
    • teaches students to be responsible for their own behavior
    • provides supervision for students before and after school, in the hallways, and in the lunchroom

    How can you help your child?
    practice consistent routines and establish clear rules at home which will carry over to school (i.e. waiting your turn, listening while others speak, etc.)

    • teach age appropriate independence and responsibility

    The behavior guidelines utilized by our school can be found in the Elementary Code of Student Contract found in the Alachua County Public School website.

Contact Us

  • Deidre Warner
    Phone (352) 333-2825
    Fax (352) 333-2826
    email: warnerdg

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Awards & Recognitions

  • At Chiles we expect all students to abide by the Cheetah Expectations.

    • Be Safe
      • be in the right place
      • hands and feet to self
      • cause no harm
    • Be Responsible
      • come to school prepared
      • follow directions
      • complete all work
      • accountable for choices
    • Be Respectful
      • kind words and actions
      • listen attentively
      • cooperate
      • include everyone

    School-wide Recognition

    “I Got Caught”
    To reward great behavior Lawton Chiles has the “I Got Caught” Program.

    Students getting caught doing exemplary behavior is given an “I Got Caught” Sticker. This earns them points that can be used for prizes or “Lunch With Friends”. Every Monday on the Morning News an “I Got Caught” slip is drawn for K-2 and for 3-5. The K-2 student whose name is drawn receives a baby Cheetah and a 3-5 student receives a $10 gift certificate.

    Governor’s Award
    Every month two students in each classroom receive the Governor’s Award. On the first Wednesday of the month, Mrs. Black presents these exemplary students the award on the Morning News Show. A group picture is on display in the main hallway.

    Every grade level has its own weekly awards:

    Kindergarten -Super Kid

    First Grade – Shining Star

    Second Grade – Top Dog

    Third Grade – “Sun”sational Student

    Fourth Grade – Fantastic Fourth Grader

    Fifth Grade – Lawton Leader and County Wide - Citizen of the Month