• Clinic (Health and Wellness)


    Our nurse, Devi Wronske, sees students in our clinic from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. She is fully prepared to deal with common health issues. She will also provide our students and families with any new health information as it becomes available.

    Please notify the clinic of any health issues your child may have that might impact his/her school activities.

    You may contact Mrs. Wronske at:

    Phone: 352.333.2825

    Fax: 352.333.2826

    email: wronskda

    Alachua County Medication Policy

    If a student requires medication during the school day, it must be dispensed from the clinic unless otherwise arranged with the nurse.

    All prescription medicine must have the original prescription label on it. This label should have: student’s name, medication, dosage, frequency, Doctor’s name, and the pharmacy name & phone number.

    Non-prescription medicine must be in the original store labeled container and have the student’s name written on it.

    Click here for the Self-Administration of Inhaler/EPI Pen form. 

    Click here for Medication Administering form.

    Other Health Information

    The school board’s link below provides additional health information for parents and students: