Title I Information

  • Josie Keen, FCIMS Instructional Coach

    W.W. Irby Elementary has a Schoolwide Title 1 Program. Title 1 is the largest federal program in the United States which offers assistance to education.

    The School Board of Alachua County uses its fund to provide extra instructional support for students who attend schools that qualify for Title 1 funding.

    At W.W. Irby Elementary, we have a tradition of attracting and maintaining highly qualified teachers who have knowledge of the developmental stages of our young children, and have the skills to develop techniques and strategies to present curriculum to reach high academic standards with all students.

    Paraprofessionals who work with our students are well-qualified, work directly under the supervision of a teacher, and tutor students only when they would not otherwise be receiving instruction in the classroom. Parents may request the professional qualification of their child’s teachers and any paraprofessional providing services to their child. At any time a teacher is teaching out-of-field, the parents of the students in that classroom will be notified.


    Additional information can be found at our District Title I site.

    Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement News & Resources Twitter Page 

    Title 1 Parent & Family Engagement YouTube Channel

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