Behavior Resources

  • The Behavior Resource Teacher's primary responsibility is to provide support to students and teachers. Our ultimate goal at Irby is to create a positive and safe learning environment so that each student can reach his/her maximum potential.

    What does a Behavior Resource Teacher do?

    • Works to improve school-wide behavior to maximize instructional time
    • Provides tools for students to learn pro-social behaviors such as empathy, impulse control, and feelings management
    • Teaches students to be responsible for their own behavior
    • Supports teachers and families through behavior intervention and positive discipline strategies

    How can you help your child?

    • Practice consistent routines and establish clear rules at home which will carry over to school (i.e. waiting your turn, listening while others speak, etc.)
    • Teach age-appropriate independence and responsibility
    • Encourage the use of "I Care" language when interacting with others
    • Sit face-to-face with your child and ask questions about their day. 
    • Read together daily. 

    Safety, Own your learning, Act responsibly, Respect

    Click HERE for the ACPS Code of Student Conduct.