Curriculum Corner

  • At W.W. Irby Elementary School, academics are a top priority.  All of the curriculum is based on Florida’s adoption of Common Core State Standards and grade level expectations.  Common Core State Standards in reading are addressed through Pearson Reading Street from Scott Foresman, the district adopted core reading program for elementary students. A 90 minute uninterrupted block is set aside each day for reading instruction. Literacy stations, guided reading, direct instruction and small group instruction are methods used to deliver reading instruction in the classrooms. In addition, social studies instruction is incorporated into the reading program. State Standards in science are taught through the use of the National Geographic (Nat Geo) program.  Great Source Calendar Math is used as a supplement for math skills and concepts. Teachers use engaging and creative instruction to enhance all subject areas.

    As part of a students’ day, they also receive instruction in co-curricular areas such as Art, Music, P.E., Media, and Technology. The resource teachers design their curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards as well.

    Students beginning Kindergarten in the fall are assessed with a basic skills screening tool in the late spring and summer. The information gained from this tool helps guide instruction for individual’s specific needs as well as helping our placement team make the best placement possible for your child.