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    The rigorous and relevant four-course Biomedical Science sequence allows students to investigate the roles of biomedical professionals as they study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health. Students engage in activities such as investigating a mock crime scene in order to learn content in the context of real-world cases. They examine human body systems and explore the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, all while working collaboratively to understand and design solutions to the most pressing health challenges of today and the future. Each course in the Biomedical Science sequence builds on the skills and knowledge students gain in the preceding courses. Mebane offers the three Biomedical Science foundation courses over a period of three academic years from the start of implementation and may also offer the capstone course.

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6th Grade

  • 6th grade:

    The first year is the year of investigation.  Students will understand the process of collecting information during a forensic investigation.  students will learn how evidence at a crime scene, such as blood, hair, fingerprints, and shoeprints can help forensic investigators determine what might have occurred and help identify or exonerate potential suspects. They will analyze evidence gathered at a simulated crime scene. Students study structure and function of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), distinguishing relationships between chromosomes, DNA and genes, investigate the significance of DNA in relation to individual identity.

    The final quarter ends in a CSI culminating unit where all the knowledge from the first three quarters is applied to the final CSI investigation.

7th Grade

  • 7th Grade:  

    Biomechanics  Preakness Stakes


    7th grade will focus on Biomechanics, which includes studying the action, movement, and forces in the body. 

    Students will start with an introduction to physics and the scientific method, and then focus on topics such as motion, forces, and simple machines.  Research and activities within each unit will focus on the connection between the human body and each concept.

    To investigate how physics relates to medicine, students will research, plan, and construct their own prosthesis design. 

    Upon completion of 7th grade, students will earn their second title in their race for the Biomechanical Mustangs Triple Crown.

8th Grade

  • 8th Grade:

    Bio-Processing  Belmont Stakes


    8th Grade will build off the knowledge gained from the past 2 years to explore disciplines in Bio-Processing. 

    Students will investigate cells, the human body system, vaccines, antibodies, infectious diseases, hereditary disease, chromosomal mutations, and aspects of cloning. 

    Students will be learning the ins and outs of Bio-Processing by doing hands-on activities and labs, studying through exploratory methods, and discovering through in-depth teacher and student lead research. 

    By completing the 3rd year of the program you will have successfully earned the “Triple Crown”.

      Mission Statement

      • Mission Statement:  

        Through collaborative learning students engage in a biomedical program emphasizing hands-on learning, exploratory labs, research-based studies, and discovery activities in preparation for a successful biomedical pathway.

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