Internet Safety

  • The Internet contains wonderful resources for kids and it has drastically changed the way kids interact with the world. The variety and ease of access, makes the Internet an invaluable tool for students, teachers and parents today. The use of the Internet expands your child’s computer and information literacy skills and their understanding of the world around them. With the help and guidance of teachers and parents alike, the online world can be a safe, exciting and informative place for your child to learn and grow.

    Here at Chiles, the Web is an important educational tool that we use on a daily basis. Students will learn Internet Safety Rules and teachers will take measures to keep students safe as they use the Internet. We have an Internet Information Form, that needs to be signed by students and parents at the beginning of each school year. The school district's filter blocks various Web sites that contain content that is unsuitable for students. And, students are monitored by an adult when using a computer.

    Our county's Internet Safety Information sites:

    Under Construction

    Suggested Sites on Internet Safety:

    Internet Safety Adventure