• Cheerleading


    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: 22-23 Cheer tryouts will be held 2/22-2/25 from 3:30-5:00 in the auditorium. Cheer packets for the upcoming season will be available on our website in the coming weeks. You can e-mail coach Sydney (boukarisa@gm.sbac.edu) or Coach Kelly (hodskonkm@gm.sbac.edu) with any questions. 


    2021-2022 Cheerleaders:

    Aileen Caballero

    Alyssa McKnight

    Ava Adams

    Riley Bessinger

    Devyn Wonders

    Emma Maroon

    Lauren Bosier

    Brooke Cardozo

    Callie Calloway

    La'Daizia Johnson

    Erika Wells

    Faith Armitage

    Fe'anah Boyd

    Nadia Vega

    Katelyn McDaniel

    Makenzie Walsh

    Riley Stanley

    Riley Sanderson

    Tamya Hall

    Adriana Shpijati




    Go Raider Cheer!!!!

Cheerleading documents and forms