Prekindergarten Curriculum

  • Mrs. Neal, Pre-K Teacher
    Mr. Reed, Pre-K Teacher
    Ms. Cangialosi, Pre-K Teacher


    W.W. Irby has two Pre-K ESE classes. Each class consists of approximately
    12 children who have varying exceptionalities. These children are three,
    four and five-year-olds. Each class has one teacher and one paraprofessional to teach the readiness, social, adaptive and language skills of these special needs children. Through a play based structured environment, the children are engaged in a variety of learning activities supported by visual, organizational, social and adult supports. An Individualized Educational Plan
    (IEP) is developed by the IEP team for each child. Through parent and teacher collaboration these goals are practiced and mastered. Much emphasis is placed on teaching self-help and independence skills so the children will be prepared for their Kindergarten placements. A mentoring program is in place which allows for the acceptance of one to two typically developing children to participate in the program. The administration and the ESE teacher determine eligibility for inclusion. The atmosphere in the classrooms is warm, caring and supportive.
    The children's gains are measurable and visible in this language-rich
    classroom environments.

    PreK Supply List
        * 1 box plastic storage bags (1 gallon)
        * 1 box plastic storage bags (2 gallon)
        * 2 rolls paper towels
        * 2 boxes wet wipes
        * 1 bottle dish detergent
        * 2 boxes tissues
        * 2 bottles hand sanitizer soap
        * 1 backpack 12"x18" (large enough to hold a 9x12 folder, jacket, lunchbox, etc.)