AP/Honors Courses Offerings





    English 1 Honors

    Grade Level




    Pre AP English 1 9th
    English 2 Honors 10th
    Pre AP English 2 10th
    English 3 Honors 11th
    AP English Language and Composition 11th
    English 4 Honors 12th
    AP English Literature and Composition 12th



    Environmental Science Honors 9th
    AP Environmental Science 9th   -12th
    Biology Honors 10th
    AP Biology 10th
    Marine Biology Honors 11th   or 12th
    Chemistry Honors 11th   or 12th
    AP Chemistry 11th   or 12th
    AP Anatomy and Physiology 11th or 12th

    Anatomy and Physiology Honors

    11th   or 12th
    AP Physics 1 & 2 11th   or 12th
    AP Pysics C 12th



    Social Studies:  
    World History Honors 9th
    AP World History 9th
    AP European History 10th-12th
    AP Human Geography 10th-12th
    AP Psychology 10th-12th
    US History Honors 11th
    AP US History 11th
    American Government Honors 12th
    AP American Government 12th
    Economics Honors 12th
    AP Microeconomics 12th
    AP Macroeconomics  
    AP Seminar 10th-11th
    AP Research 11th-12th



    Algebra   1 Honors 9th
    Algebra   2 Honors 9th     or 10th
    Algebra 2 Honors Competition 9th   -12th
    Geometry   Honors 9th   -12th
    Geometry Honors Competition 9th    -12th
    Pre-Calculus   Honors 10th-12th
    AP Pre-Calculus  10th-12th
    AP   Calculus AB 11th   or 12th
    AP   Calculus BC 12th
    AP   Statistics 10th-12th
    AP Computer Science A  
    AP Computer Principles  



    Foreign Language:  
    AP   Spanish Language 11th   or 12th
    AP   Spanish Literature 12th


    AP   Art/Drawing 11th   or 12th
    AP   Art Studio 10th-12th



    All AP and Honors classes are subject to teacher recommendation and required pre-requisites. Please see the Course Catalog for more information