Sunshine State Young Readers Award

  • Sunshine State

    Students are reading the fifteen nominees for the Sunshine State Young Readers Award. They may obtain the books from our Bishop Media Center, the Alachua County Library District, or from any bookseller. They may read them or listen to an audiobook.

    After completing one of the books, the students take a short quiz. These quizzes are available through a Google Classroom. (Please see Ms. Colson or Ms. Davis for the access code.) Each time they successfully pass a quiz, they receive a charming dogtag that displays the name and image of the book. 


    In addition, reading books from the current Sunshine State Young Readers Award Nominee list are rewarded with special prizes.

    • Read 5 books - Get a Sunshine State Young Readers Award button.
    • Read 10 books - Get a large candy bar of your choice.
    • Read all 15 books - You're going to the movies! You'll get a gift certificate to redeem at any local theater for the movie of your choice.

    Want to see the whole list? Click below.

    Sunshine State Young Readers Award Nominees 2019-20