Reading Promotion Program

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    The Accelerated Reader program is our reading promotional program that is available for all students, ages Kindergarten through 4th grade.  The books in the library are coded with a sticker that matches their reading level.  All your students need to do is read a book with a color-coded dot, find the AR quiz number, log onto Edutone, and click on the Renaissance app.  Your student can only take A.R. tests at school in the Media Center, Computer Labs, or in their classroom.  We hope to improve our children's comprehension skills with this program as they answer the 5-20 question quizzes about the books that they read.  They earn points toward their goal every time they take a successful test.  If they miss questions, they will not score all of the points possible, but they will score some.  Keep reading and Keep testing!  You can click on the link below for more information.

    A.R. Facts