Volunteer Coordinator

  • Our Volunteer Coordinator at Newberry Elementary School is Lucy Wang. You may reach her any time by email at nes.volunteers@gmail.com or you may contact the school directly at 352-472-1100.

    She is the person who will send information to you about volunteer opportunities, classroom requests, or school donations. A great way to volunteer and get involved at school is through our Parent Teacher Organization. Head over to our PTO page for more information on becoming a member. 


How Do I Become a Volunteer?

  • Volunteers Needed


    At the beginning of each school year, everyone wishing to volunteer is required to complete a volunteer application. You may follow this link to start the process. Volunteers are needed for assistance during school-wide events, as chaperones, as classroom helpers, and so much more! In order to volunteer on campus, you must fill out a volunteer application at the beginning of each school year. Once your application is processed by the volunteer coordinator, you will receive an "Approved Volunteer Confirmation" email from nes.volunteers@gmail.com. This is how you will know you can begin volunteering. Volunteer applications must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to when you volunteer for the first time. You will check in at the front office every time in order to come on campus. During your initial visit, you will need to bring an approved photo ID to be scanned into our system every year.

    Volunteers may check with their child's teacher to see if they have any specific needs for their classroom. When the school has a specific request for volunteers, the volunteer coordinator will communicate with you directly about volunteer opportunities and important information throughout the year via the volunteer email account. 

    Everyone is a potential volunteer! Invite friends, relatives, or community members to fill out a volunteer application!

    Thank you for your contribution to Newberry Elementary School. 

    ~Go Panthers!~