School Supply Lists




    Westwood students will use a 3-inch binder to keep themselves organized. Students will use these binders to store materials for all their classes for the entire school year. Students should bring their binders to their classes each day. Parents and students should work together to clean out the binders on a regular basis. Also, please consider the size of the binders when purchasing a backpack for your child.

    A School Planner will be issued to each student during the first week of school.

    Required School Supplies:

    _____ 1 heavy duty, 3-inch, three-ring binders with plastic front cover or  two 1 ½” heavy duty binders with plastic front cover (Having one or 2 extra at home is a good idea they tend to tear up)

    _____ Pens (blue, black, red) – multiple of each color

    _____Pencil pouch that can hook into the binder –heavy duty

    _____ Pencils – multiple boxes (bring 10 to school and leave the others at home to refill when you run low)

    _____ Dividers - three packages of at least 5

    _____ Eraser or Eraser Caps

    _____ Highlighters – 4 to 6 (at least 3 different colors)

    _____ Manual Pencil Sharpener with shavings well – 1

    _____ Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper – 10 packs (bring 1 to school and leave the rest at home to refill when you run low)

    _____ Ear Buds/Headphones

    _____Post its

    _____ Composition Notebooks – 2

    Individual teachers may require the following items. Lists will be available at Meet the Teacher:

    • Glue Sticks 
    • Colored Pencils 
    • Graph Paper- 1 pack for the year 
    • Dry Erase Markers 
    • Flash Drive (8GB or larger) 
    • TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator- for all 7th and 8th graders; approved for FSA testing

    Homeroom Teachers would appreciate:

    • Tissues 
    • Sanitizer Wipes 
    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Hand Sanitizer 

    PE ONLY: 

    • T-Shirt- White or Grey
    • Athletic Shorts- Black, Blue or Grey Shorts 
    • Athletic Shoes